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Our technology

All of our studies are carefully designed, implemented and analyzed by a team of highly qualified psychologists, neuroscientists and market researchers.


Using our Brain Monitoring and Eye-tracking neuroscience technologies, we specialize in the assessment of the subconscious emotional and cognitive response to the viewing experience.

Brain Monitoring

B-Alert X10 EEG Headset


Electroencephalography (EEG) measures electrical differences and potentials on the surface of the scalp. By identifying these areas of activity we can make inferences as to the specific mental process and emotional states that are experienced at particular moments in time during the consumer experience on a per-second basis.​

B-Alert X10 EEG

B-Alert X10

This wireless mobile EEG system allows access to multiple data streams including raw EEG data and cognitive and emotional state metrics even in real-world environments where subjects exhibit uninhibited, natural behaviour. This is primarily used for alpha asymmetry to provide approach motivation metrics.



Obelab Nirsit.png

Near Infrared Resonance Spectroscopy (NIRS) is a brain imaging methodology which detects regional blood flow in key cerebral cortical structures in the brain; using specialised medical LEDs too illuminate blood flow as areas become more activated during cognitive processing.

It is mostly used to detect activation of the frontal lobes of the brain. This provides detailed functional information on attention, emotional regulation, motivation, engagement, behavioural intent, problem-solving/reasoning, cognitive load and working memory. 

Obelab's Nirsit.jpg


Eye-Tracking Technologies

At Neural Sense™ our eye-tracking technologies enable us to draw insights about visual attention, memorability and the resulting consumer behaviour during the experience by recording eye gaze and pupil data.

Tobii Pro Mobile Eye-tracking Glasses
Tobii x2-30 Eye-tracking Unit
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